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FACCT Actions

FACCT serves different audiences in regards to livestock welfare. We serve farmers, consumers, civic leaders, law enforcement, and others in connecting, educating, and promoting animal agriculture.

2023 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report Pic.png


  • Develop local and statewide NETWORKS to support the work of the coalition  — We are connecting Tennessee’s local law enforcement agencies, humane rescue organizations, farm organizations/agencies, and individuals to assure timely, effective, localized responses to animal agriculture issues and situations. 

  • RESOURCE for first responders to crisis situations involving farm animals — FACCT assists in humane rescue efforts by coordinating public and private agency assistance and drawing on the expertise of the agricultural community to show compassion and non-sensationalistic response.

  • FACCT brings a SCIENCE-BASED PERSPECTIVE to issues affecting animal agriculture.


  • EDUCATE producers, consumers, and policy makers — FACCT distributes up-to-date information from educational resources, management experts, and marketing trends to support the animal agriculture industry.

  • TRAIN — FACCT promotes best management practices among livestock owners and accountability in response to livestock care concerns.


  • Serve as a UNIFIED VOICE for humane animal care, well-being issues, and best management practices in Tennessee agriculture  — FACCT provides pro-agriculture expertise and experience to effectively communicate with the public, media, lawmakers, and animal agriculture stakeholders.

  • ADVOCATE for a safe, nutritious, and abundant food supply — FACCT members believe animal welfare should be addressed with regard to the important role livestock has in society.

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