FACCT Leadership

FACCT is a non-profit, member based organization that is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors are made up of representatives from the following organizations that have vested interest in FACCT. The Executive Director executes the organizational goals on a day to day basis.

Board of Directors
Charles Hord
Roger Radel
TN Cattlemen's Association
Valerie Bass
TN Beef
Denise Jones
TN Dairy
Stan Butt
John Bayless
TN Dairy
Phyliss Ferguson
Brandon Whitt
TN Pork
Dale Barnett
TN Poultry
TN Sheep
Mark Powell
Debbie Joines
Reyes Rich
Gina Thompson
Eddie Sanders
TN Soybean
Park Wells
TN Soybean Promotion
Kent Lockridge
Robert Sloan
Terri McElroy
TN Feed & Grain
Rory Williams
Walt Chism
TN Walking Horse Breeders & Exhibitors
David Pruett
Tommy Hall
Walking Horse Owners Association
Paul Bailey
Roger Elder
TN Quarter Horse
Dr. Seth Krantz
Tosh Farm
Sheriff Tim Fuller
TN Sheriff's
Dr. Samantha Beaty
Danny Sutton
TN Department of
Dr. Lew Strickland
University of TN
Animal Science
Dr. Jessica Carter
Middle Tennessee
State University
Jimmy Ogilvie
TN Farmers Cooperative
Kevin Hensley
Stephan Maupin
TN Farm Bureau Federation
Rachel Davis
Farm Credit of
Jimmy Carter
Kristina McKee
TN Livestock Marketing Association
Dr. Margie Carter
TN Vet Medical
Middle TN
Vet Service
Dr. Mandy Willis
Officers: Charles Hord, President     Kevin Hensley, Vice President     Rachel Davis, Treasurer    Julie Giles, Secretary

Meet the Executive Director

As the director of FACCT Julie works across the state to promote, connect, and educate on livestock welfare. She oversees the day to day operations of the organization and achieves the goals set by the board. Julie’s background is in the dairy industry where she was apart of the family dairy until its dispersal in 2017. Julie operates a beef cattle operation with her husband and daughter in Lewisburg, TN. She enjoys preserving the image of the animal agriculture industry for producers across Tennessee.

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